Meridian|Winter health care should protect the kidney, according to these acupuncture points effect is particularly good

Meridian|Winter health care should protect the kidney, according to these acupuncture points effect is particularly good

Meridian|Winter health care should protect the kidney, according to these acupuncture points effect is particularly good

In the winter, you need to raise your kidneys. Here you can raise your kidneys with just your hands and feet.

In winter, all things are hidden, and the human body is also the same. At this time, we pay attention to preserving the true yang in the body, and at the same time need to cope with the cold and wet weather, Baoyang Yangyin.

The kidney should be winter, the kidney is sealed, and the winter is the best time to maintain the kidneys.

If the kidney is already empty, then the body must be uncomfortable enough: cold, cold hands and feet, cold belly, irregular menstruation, frequent nocturnal pain, nocturnal emission, impotence, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. This winter, we will try it out.The five acupoints of the kidney are used to protect the kidneys.


Well point – Yongquan point (wood) ▍ positioning: at the bottom of the foot, when the foot is rolled, the front part of the foot is depressed, about the first 1/3 and the back of the second and third toe finger joints and the heel line2/3 intersection.

Yongquan, also known as the rushing, is the first acupuncture point of the Shaoyin Yin and Kidney. It is the well point and is the site of the kidney meridian.

“The disease is in the well of the dirty person”, taking the Yongquan point can strengthen the kidney and yang, nourish the kidney and yin, so that the water and fire can help each other, thus adjusting the balance of yin and yang, traffic heart and kidney.

“Thousands of Golden Wings”: “The spurs of the springs kill people.

“The General Record of Shengji”: “The spring can not be hurt. The thorn is improper, it is easy to bleed. If the bleeding breaks, it will cause the tendon of the tongue or paralysis. It is difficult to say that the tongue is stiff.

Since ancient times, there have been few direct acupuncture points in Yongquan, and the degree of pain is generally unacceptable, and accidents may occur due to improper operation.

We can use moxibustion Yongquan point to achieve the purpose of strengthening kidney and yang.

Moxibustion has many advantages. The leaves of Ai Ye can be radiant, warm and yang, and have the effect of replenishing the body. It is suitable for qi and blood deficiency caused by chronic diseases.

Moxibustion Yongquan point can stimulate the kidney through the qi, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, so that the yin gas rises, the fire gas drops, restores the upper and lower balance of yin and yang, and achieves the effect of igniting the fire.

At the same time, it can pressurize the kidney to help the yang, so that the sun enters the yin.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for friends with insomnia.


Acupoint-Rangu (fire) ▍ Positioning: At the edge of the foot, under the scaphoid of the scaphoid, red and white meat, take this hole 1 inch after the grandson.

Rangu point is a sputum point of the foot Shaoyin kidney, which has always been reused by doctors.

The terminology is that fire can be ignited in deep valleys, and is not subject to water grams. Therefore, it is called “Rangu”, also known as Longyuan.

“Acupuncture and Moxibustion Names”: “The health home says that there is a real fire in the water. Today, scholars say that the heart is really hot.

“The meridian stream says that it is difficult”: “Rangu is the acupoint of the kidney, the yin is a fire, and there is a yang in the ridge. The fire without a root can be angry. The hole is also known as Longyuan.The meaning of the Yuan is also full of men and women, and those who are infertile are taken from it. This fire can be in the deep valley, and it is not affected by water.

According to the characteristics of the foot Shaoyin kidney and the theory of “the main body heat”, Rangu can relieve pain, nourish yin and reduce fire, warm up kidney yang, and genitourinary system, kidney and bladder, heart and lung,The growth of the throat, heel and other parts has a better effect.

“Acupuncture Dacheng·Tong Xuan refers to Fu”: “Ran Gu Xie Shen.

“Ran Gu Buzhi can warm the kidney, diarrhea can diarrhea.

Today, the thorny valley, first make up the diarrhea, but first make up its imaginary, to help the kidney yang; after the diarrhea, in order to damp heat.

In addition to Zhengan, the evil spirits are equal, and the patients are removed.


Acupoints, original acupoints – Taixi (soil) ▍ Positioning: In the footstep, inside the offset, when the internal offset between the tip and the Achilles tendon.

Opposite the Kunlun Cave.

Taixi Cave, alias Lu Xi, Inner Kunlun.

Taixi Point is the acupoint and original point of the foot Shaoyin kidney, which can assist in the conditioning of all kidney deficiency problems.

Clinically, it is widely used in the treatment of cough, bronchial fracture, heel pain, low back pain and other symptoms, which can be used in gynecology, pediatric febrile seizures, hypertension and senile constipation.

Daily pressing of the aunt’s acupoints can treat perimenopausal syndrome (commonly known as menopausal syndrome), relieve high blood pressure, etc.; acupuncture Taixi and ear tip bloodletting can treat children with convulsions, which can be described as a very important health acupoint.

In ancient times, it was also used to treat nocturnal emission, impotence, frequency of urination, and urinary closure.


Acupoint-Re-slide (Gold) ▍ Positioning: In the calf area, Taixi is 2 inches straight, and the front of the Achilles tendon.

Re-sliding points, the meaning of the word, the complex is the meaning of return and reincarnation; slip, the flow, the appearance of water.After the kidney is followed by the kidney to the Taixi to bypass the rotation, the complex DC is named.

It is a meridian point of the kidney, and the five elements are gold. It is the mother’s point of kidney water.

Kidney deficiency syndrome, “virtual is to supplement its mother”, so take this line of multiple lines to supplement the law, with nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing the brain and other effects.

Fuxue can treat low back pain, heel pain, edema, edema, bloating, night sweats and other issues.

Clinically, there are many doctors who have acupunctured Taixi and relapsed to treat cervical spondylotic radiculopathy.

Acupuncture at these two points can nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the blood and strengthen the muscles, and is especially effective for certain bone and bone problems.

If you don’t know acupuncture, moxibustion works well.


Hexue-Yingu (water) ▍ positioning: in the axillary depression, knee flexion, when the semitendinosus tendon and semi-membrane tendon.

Yingu point, kidney through this point.

Compared with the previous four acupoints, the clinical application of Yingu points is relatively small, but it is not that the Yingu points are not important.

The Yingu acupoint is located in the axillary depression, relatively close to the bladder. When there is a problem of urinating, it can be acupuncture or press the sacral vagina to make the bladder sphincter contract, so that the urine can be discharged smoothly.

In addition, the armpits also correspond to our waist, and low back pain can not help find Yingu.

According to the Xiabei Bubei Law, one of the five internal organs is applied to the Yingu Cave.

When the lungs are imaginary, the diarrhea and kidney water can be used. At this time, the Yingu point of the water of the Shaoyin kidney and the Wuyi point is taken.

It is also used in the method of nourishing water and culvert.

The method of nourishing water and culvert is the method of nourishing kidney yin to nourish liver yin. Dizziness, deafness, dry throat, insomnia, forgetfulness, numbness or tremors of the liver and kidney yin deficiency, dry eyes, excessive menstruation, menSymptoms such as nocturnal emission can supplement the liver through Ququan (water), and tonify the kidney through the valley (water).

Finally, share a sacred acupoint that is a poem to help you remember: Yuan Yuming, Li Yuqiu, and the leisurely springs, and the valley of Taixi.

After a sneak peek into the valley, Jiangshan will win the world.

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