The white body is not exposed, and the cold is bare.

The white body is not exposed, and the cold is bare.

The white body is not exposed, and the cold is bare.

Chinese medicine often says that “the white body is not exposed, and the cold is not exposed.”

In the south, when the cold dew is in the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is gradually increasing. The folks in Guangdong have the folk custom of “cooling after the Mid-Autumn Festival”, and the temperature will become unconscious after the cold dew.

The cold dew’s solar terms also make the southern weather show a dry feeling, but sometimes there are some rainy days in the south due to the cold current, which has a certain impact on the autumn harvest.

  The coldness of the cold dew is more serious than that of the white dew, especially at night, if you open the window while sleeping, or if you do not cover the abdomen with a blanket, it is easy to get cold.

At this time, the most need to protect the night to sleep, the first is the shoulder joint, many people have shoulder inflammation (also called fifty shoulders) is difficult to heal.

The second is the small abdomen. The lower abdomen is cold and can easily lead to diarrhea. So when you sleep at night, you can try it by hand. If the lower abdomen is cold, it will prove chilly.

The third place that is easy to get cold is the calf. If you are cold, it is easy to get cramps.

We need to take care of our limbs from time to time to increase the coverage. If the elderly are cold this season, it is difficult to dispel the cold.

  After the cold dew, the weather in the morning and evening is obviously cold. In the morning, the chill is quite heavy. When exercising, it usually causes sweating. If you don’t pay attention, you may get cold or catch a cold.

Therefore, after the cold dew, exercise must protect the body a lot, do two defenses: first, to prevent wearing too little, try to wear some loose, comfortable outerwear, wait for the exercise to do well, then take off the outerwear, avoid not warming up on the vest shorts.

The second is to prevent strain. When the temperature rises, the human body will reflexively contract the blood vessels, the viscosity increases, the joint activity becomes smaller, and the reduction of the ligament is reduced, so it is easy to be strained.