What are the characteristics of people with yin deficiency?

What are the characteristics of people with yin deficiency?

What are the characteristics of people with yin deficiency?

Yin deficiency constitution refers to the dysfunction of the viscera, resulting in insufficient yin in the body, often manifested as body weight loss, two tidal flushes, hot hands and feet, like to eat cold things or drinks, love to drink water but still feel dry mouth;There is a feeling of heat and heat, often constipation or dry stool, reduced urine and yellowish.

People with yin deficiency and temperament are irritable and often upset and irritable. In fact, as long as you understand the correct conditioning method, you can alleviate the situation of yin deficiency.

How to judge the yin physique 1 character traits yin physique character is mainly more extroverted, easy to excite and excited, speaking voice is relatively high, the speed of speech is also very fast.

Usually warm, lively, uninteresting, like to open things outside.

People with severe symptoms of yin deficiency, when encountering unhappy things, are very anxious to get angry, lose their temper, and often do not calm down when dealing with problems.

2 Body shape From the perspective of body shape, people with yin deficiency are often lean and look very lean.

3 Face color features The face color of the yin physique is mainly red, but this red is not the healthy and natural ruddy, but the two shins are especially red, like the makeup.

This kind of false real phenomenon is what Chinese medicine calls “face makeup.”

The tongue is often bright red or reddish, and the tongue coating is white or less or has no moss.

Symptoms of yin deficiency in women 1 There is a deficiency of chloasma and kidney in the abdomen, which can not moisturize the skin. It often has a butterfly-shaped blemish yellow, yellowish brown or light black plaque in the ankle. The border is clear and often accompanied by irregular menstruation.

2 black circles Chinese medicine theory in black represents the kidney, black circles on the eyes indicate kidney deficiency, and both kidney deficiency, many other devices are sick, day and night will accumulate to the normal work of the kidney, physical weakness is spleen will alsoSlowly form dark circles.

3 menstrual irregular Chinese medicine believes that kidney gas can make the blood and blood.

The normal function of the pulse vein can make the menstrual cycle cycle normally, so kidney deficiency is an important cause of irregular menstruation.

Kidney deficiency is often accompanied by dizziness, weakness, waist and legs, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

How to regulate the yin deficiency, do not eat the food that hurts the Yin, such as: warm, spicy, fragrant food; fried fried food.

The way food is cooked is also influential. Some use is simmering, steaming, boiling, and stewing. You can’t get angry when you eat it.

If the food is fried and fried, even if the nature of the food itself is not so hot, after this processing, it will change. It can get angry, it can hurt the yin, it can make people dry and hot and hurt.of.

Therefore, for people with yin deficiency, the cooking method of frying barbecue is very bad for people with yin deficiency.

2 living and sleeping should be regular, the living environment should be quiet, do not drink tea, exercise and play games before going to bed.

You can go to bed early and get up early, and keep a certain lunch break at noon.

Avoid staying up late, working at night and working under high heat.

It is advisable to control the house.

Quit smoking and alcohol to prevent heat and yin.

3 physical exercise is only suitable for small and medium-strength, intermittent physical exercises, replacing traditional fitness items such as Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, Qigong and other static and dynamic.

Control the amount of sweat during exercise and replenish moisture in time.

If the skin is dry, you can swim more.

Do not wash the sauna.

Yin deficiency how to make up 1 Tremella has nourishing Yin and nourishing the stomach, Shengjin Runzao.

Tremella is rich in colloid, multivitamin and 17 kinds of amino acids, tremella polysaccharides and protein and other nutrients, is the most commonly used food supplement for the people, especially for those with lung yin deficiency and stomach yin deficiency.

2 pears have the effect of Shengjin, moistening and clearing heat, and are most suitable for patients with yin deficiency or fever after fever.

“Materia Medica Tong Xuan”: “The acquaintances nourish the yin of the five internal organs.”

“Chongqing Tang Essay”: “warm and dry disease, and yin deficiency and fire, the body of the liquid, the effect of the juice.”

3 duck meat can nourish yin and nourish the stomach.

“Materia Medica”: “Ziyin and steaming.”

“With the diet of eating and drinking”: “Nourish the yin of the five dirty, clear the heat of labor, raise the stomach and produce fluid.”

The folks also believe that the duck is the most ideal thing to clean up, and the yin deficiency is suitable for eating.

Yin deficiency diet, lotus leaf, gardenia steamed fish material: a large piece of fresh lotus leaf (through the entire dish or steamer), 30g of medlar, about 500g of water fish, oil, salt amount (three to four people)).

Practice: Slaughter the water fish, clean it, and place it after cutting it?Fresh lotus leaves on a dish or steamer.

The cleaned hazelnuts are placed on the cut water fish and steamed for about 45-60 minutes until cooked.

Matching herbs: can be added to Huaishan, cut pellets of jujube, cloud ear, mushroom silk and other enhanced taste enjoyment, or to switch ingredients, water ducks instead of water fish, the main therapeutic effect remains unchanged.

Efficacy of the material: lotus leaf – heat, heat, dampness, more recently found in the clear fat, lowering blood pressure effect – sputum – clear liver, eyesight, thirst, remove dizziness, dizzy fish (鳖甲) – nourishing YinQianyang, clear heat, in addition to sweat.

Efficacy: This improvement improves the symptoms of vain, night sweats, dry eyes and blurred vision that are easily caused by “yin deficiency constitution”.

People with yin deficiency can choose old maturity, American ginseng, white fungus and other materials to supplement, eat less fatty food, maintain a happy mood, less excitement, less anger.