Fashionable fitness as you like

Fashionable fitness as you like

Fashionable fitness as you like

Lonely, stress-recommended project: Spinning bike, meditation recommended reason: It allows you to have a rhythmic, step-by-step burden in the music, the brilliant lighting, the coach’s password, the encouragement and encouragement of the participating partners.Oxygen exercise makes your heart and lung function and multi-site muscles fully exercised.

The spinning bike is carried out in the atmosphere of collective exercise, bidding farewell to the loneliness, boring and fatigue of personal sports. At the same time, following the fitness coach to convey the music rhythmically changing posture, the car technology is getting more and more in place.

The middle and upper limb movements of the taekwondo mainly refer to the action characteristics of boxing. The leg movements are based on the leg method of Taekwondo. It is more helpful to the acceleration of the movement than the traditional fitness movement, and can effectively promote the growth of body flexibility and muscle strength.As well as physical agility and strength, force punches, yelling or venting emotions, a good way to relieve stress.

  Calm recommended items: Yoga, Pilates Recommended reason: two relatively static state of the fitness program.

Yoga regulates people’s emotions through breathing and pressurization, and relieves the stress of modern people due to the fast pace of life.

From a physiological point of view, yoga can promote the normal function of the human autonomic nervous system and endocrine system; in the psychological sense, yoga can lead to calm of mind, correct mental unrest and emotional chaos to ensure soundSpirit and active vitality.

Yoga can help people eliminate stress and fatigue, regulate cervical and spine problems, and regulate blood lipids.

Pilates moves slowly and clearly, combining breathing, meditation, flexibility, and balance with a gentle and orderly rhythm. At the same time, the core of your body is exercised to increase muscle strength without increasing muscle volume.Create a balanced body for you.

  Excited recommended items: street dance, Latin aerobics recommended reason: street dance with a clear musical rhythm to mix, lie down and swing freely, has a lot of fun, can also improve coordination and cardio function, so that you continue throughout the processAbsorb novelty and fun dance steps.

Latin is free, passionate, and rhythmic. You can feel the joyful South American style in the passionate Latin music, while adding dance elements to the aerobics, while burning your passion, let your aunt burn together.

When you are in a good mood, it is a perfect fit to practice these two projects!

  Depressed recommended items: boxing, aerobic and anaerobic combined muscle function training recommended reason: When your mood is particularly depressed, is there an impulse to hit people?

Of course, it is not possible to find a big living person to be a target. Why not try boxing?

If you want to fight against the sandbag, you can completely vent your sulking and dissatisfaction in your heart, and you can exercise your upper limb muscles.

The aerobic and anaerobic muscle function training through the constant training of the rhythm and accessories (balanced disc, dumbbells, pull rope, fitness ball, etc.), cause a lot of fun in the fitness itself, so that the training effect can be in daily life.Reflected.

The purpose of the aerobic and anaerobic muscle function training is to make the body stronger and make the muscles slim and beautiful, especially the modern professional women who need to be strong and demanding.

  Shu Chang recommended items: adult ballet, water aerobics recommended reason: adult ballet body class with ballet’s basic movements as training content, you master the ballet’s several characteristics such as open, tight, straight, so that the body parts are balancedThe posture is beautiful and straight, and at the same time, under the beautiful music accompaniment, improve the sense of music, cultivate the sentiment, and finally achieve the perfect combination of dance and music.

The water fitness set is a combination of swimming, dance, aerobics, body shaping, and swimming training, including on-land coordinated dance, poolside padding, water aerobics, underwater body shaping, swimming training, and some content in the water.

20 minutes of water movement is equivalent to one hour of physical energy consumption on land; because of the buoyancy in the water, it can reduce the impact of land movement on the joints, making the joints less susceptible to injury and deformation; the “elastic load” of the water flow on the body frictionUnder the action, it can also reduce the skin relaxation and make the skin smooth and elastic.

This sport has a body-shaping effect, so that you can be a beautiful woman in the comfort and joy.