Smog contaminants attack 8 kinds of food Qingfei Runfei

Smog contaminants attack 8 kinds of food Qingfei Runfei

Smog “contaminants” attack 8 kinds of food Qingfei Runfei

With the ravages of smog, health has become the hottest topic.
Qingfei recipes, fungus, pig blood and other foods can detoxify in the rumors.
So, can these recipes help us clean up the pollutants caused by “smog”?
In order to clear the lungs and lungs, what should I eat?
  The haze weather invades. Can the diet clean up the pollutants?
  According to the data, PM2.
5 will enter the respiratory tract, stimulate and destroy the tracheal mucosa, causing the tracheal mucosa to kill viruses, bacteria and resist their function into the lung tissue, and the detoxification function of the tracheal mucosa is reduced.
In this case, people who are physically healthy may have symptoms such as cough and bronchitis; people with respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may cause lung infection, causing shortness of breath and chest tightness.Discomfort such as wheezing, acute aggravation reaction; it is more destructive to patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as increasing the heart burden of heart disease patients, inducing cerebral infarction, etc.;Damage to the lungs, damage to the respiratory system and other systems.
  The cause of smog is mainly the lack of air flow and stagnation, resulting in an increase in harmful substances and pathogenic microorganisms in the air, together with carbon monoxide, automobile exhaust, etc., leading to respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza diseases.
In smoggy weather, a large number of microbial growth can cause some people with less resistance to develop clinical symptoms of respiratory system.
  With the ravages of smog, health has become the hottest topic.
Qingfei recipes, fungus, pig blood and other foods can detoxify in the rumors.
So, can these recipes help us clean up the pollutants caused by “smog”?
  Expert: Basically useless Deng Xiao, director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview: “The negative impact of food on the treatment of respiratory diseases and the weather against smog can be said to have little effect.
It is almost impossible to regulate and remove pollutants through diet.
When the air pollution is heavier, the effect of “clear lung detoxification” by eating these foods is minimal.
“Food provides only the energy, calories and nutrients the body needs, but it does not block the mechanical entry of the gas.
“Deng Yuru said.
  Ma Guansheng, deputy director of the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also said that no research has shown that food can prevent respiratory diseases.
  So, what measures can help us reduce the adverse effects of smog weather on the body?
  Deng Yu, director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the first thing to do is to reduce outdoor activities, especially the elderly and children.
In addition, it is necessary to wear a mask when going out. It is generally believed that the N95 mask has a higher degree of protection. In fact, the ordinary cotton mask also has a certain effect. As for which mask is the best, there is no final result of the research.
  Deng Wei specially reminds everyone that the haze phenomenon occurs in a wide range of outdoor air. Therefore, the air freshener mainly used indoors has little effect on the disinfection and cleaning of smog. Only the ultra-low-volume atomization disinfectant can play a certain role.effect.
He also said that the fog can not be ventilated for a long time, because the non-flow of air is unfavorable for patients who are bedridden for a long time. It is recommended to open the window in time when the fog is dispersed.
  8 kinds of healthy foods Qingfei Runfei: Lily: Lily sweet, slightly cold, heart, lung, with the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, quenching the lungs, quenching the thirst, relieving cough and stopping bleeding, appetizing and soothe the nerves.
Applicable to yin deficiency, chronic cough, convulsions, insomnia, multiple dreams, mental paralysis and other symptoms.
  Pear: Shengjin, moistening, clearing heat, phlegm and other effects, suitable for fever, polydipsia, diabetes, fever, cough, fever, convulsions, convulsions, thirst, aching, red eyes, indigestion.
Pear is the most common food for clearing the lungs. It can be steamed and eaten. It can be used to cook soup. It can also be used as a pear cake to clear the lungs and treat sore throat. The effect is excellent.
  White radish: Qingfei throat, is often used in traditional Chinese medicine diet, good raw effect, juice effect is better.
Moreover, the spicy component contained therein inhibits abnormal division of cells, thereby preventing cancer attacks, and radish also has the effects of sterilization, appetite enhancement, and inhibition of platelet aggregation.
Digestive enzymes such as a large amount of dietary fiber and rich amylolytic enzymes in radish can effectively promote digestion and absorption of food.
  Tremella: Tremella is called “the bird’s nest of the poor”. Although the bird’s nest is supplemented, it is expensive, and the white fungus is similar in price and taste to the bird’s nest. The price is cheap.
Tremella has the functions of strengthening the essence, tonifying the kidney, moistening the intestines, benefiting the stomach, tonifying the qi, and blood, strengthening the heart, strengthening the body, supplementing the brain, refreshing, beauty, skin rejuvenation and prolonging life.
  Fig: In addition to raw food, it can be processed into dried fruit, candied fruit, canned food, etc.
Both fresh and dried figs can be used as medicine.
When the throat is swollen, eating a few will relieve the pain and quickly recover.
When the lungs are hot and the voice is hoarse, taking the rock sugar and frying the figs can play the role of eliminating fire and dumbness.
  Olive: It has the functions of clearing the lungs, soothing the throat, producing fluid and detoxifying.When the sore throat is painful, it will contain some green olives, which will make the throat refreshing, such as the effect of decoction with fresh radish.

The olive distilled liquid is called olive dew and can be used to treat sore throat, cough, irritability and other symptoms.

  枇杷: There are lungs, thirst quenching, and Qigong, which can treat lung stagnation, vomiting and polydipsia.

Leaves are commonly used Chinese medicinal materials. After honey-precipitation, there are clear lungs and stomach, and the effect of lowering gas and gas is commonly used to make sputum cream, sputum, sputum, etc., to treat lung heat cough.

  Mangosteen: also called La Han Guo, fake bitter melon, melon thin and light, a big meat crisp.

Replace with Luo Han Guo tea, have the effect of clearing heat and pharynx, can treat whooping cough, lung heat cough, pharyngitis, dry mouth and so on, is the ideal health drink for actors and teachers.