Old people eat more fish to prevent stroke and longevity

Old people eat more fish to prevent stroke and longevity

Old people eat more fish to prevent stroke and longevity

Happy families are similar, and long-lived old people are similar.

How can people live healthily and longevity? There are many opinions of medical experts, but it is definitely affirmative. That is to eat fish regularly.

Older people should eat more fish properly and can also prevent and prevent stroke.

  The whole body of the fish is treasure. Everyone knows that Japan is a famous longevity country in the world. One of the most important reasons for many longevity factors is that Japanese people generally like to eat fish.

Therefore, medical nutrition experts believe that fish is a long-lived friend of the Japanese.

  Fish contains a lot of high-quality protein, contains a lot of essential amino acids, so it is more suitable for the human body.

Recent studies by medical experts have shown that long-term low-protein diets can increase the incidence of stroke in the elderly, so it is possible for older people to eat more fish to prevent and prevent stroke.

At the same time, sufficient protein can also slow down the aging process of the human body, which is beneficial to longevity.

  Unsaturated fatty acids in fish can cause arteriosclerosis, so there are complications in the development of coronary heart disease and cerebral embolism, and severe diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage.

In particular, middle-aged and elderly people who have been diagnosed with arteriosclerosis should regard eating fish as an important part of diet therapy. Under normal circumstances, it is better to eat 1-2 times a week. If conditions are met, eating once every 1-2 days is even more.it is good.

  Medical experts also reminded that fish can also provide rich minerals and vitamins, fish scales, fish bones, and fish bones contain very rich calcium, which can be eaten after cooking to get rich nutrition, so that you can live longer and healthier.