The old man has high blood pressure and eats 7 kinds of foods to help lower blood pressure.

The old man has high blood pressure and eats 7 kinds of foods to help lower blood pressure.

The old man has high blood pressure and eats 7 kinds of foods to help lower blood pressure.

There are a lot of people who have a very large invasion of our body for the symptoms of high blood pressure. Is it best to eat similar foods in old age?

Older people’s high blood pressure also causes more damage to our body. Seven kinds of foods can help us effectively lower blood pressure. Which seven kinds of food are there?

Will it bring a very large lesion to the body of our elderly people, let us find out if some kind of food can help our body lower blood pressure?

  What is good for the elderly with high blood pressure?

  1, kelp kelp can prevent adult deposition in the arterial wall.

Regular consumption of kelp stewed tofu is conducive to lowering blood pressure.

  2, tomatoes contain tomato and fiber, have the effect of binding * diabetes metabolites, which can lower blood pressure.

  3, peanuts with peanut kernels (with red clothes) soaked in vinegar for a week, as appropriate, add brown sugar, garlic and soy sauce, take appropriate in the morning and evening, after a week or two, the general high blood pressure drop.

  4, beans, soybeans, peas and lentils and other foods contain a lot of protein and a variety of essential nutrients, a small amount of beans, which phytoestrogens, have a protective effect on blood vessels, greatly reducing the risk of chronic diseases,Especially beneficial for the elderly with high blood pressure.

  5, spinach spinach is an indispensable vegetable in the blood pressure diet, but also the elderly with high blood pressure.

Spinach traces a variety of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, of which potassium plays a key role in regulating blood pressure.

High sodium and low potassium are important factors in the development of hypertension, so it is expected to supplement potassium and benefit blood pressure.

  6, garlic garlic is one of the most effective recipe for blood pressure, the sulphide in garlic can help maintain the stability of an internal enzyme and avoid high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure often eat garlic and the average blood pressure level is higher than other people. Eat 2 per day?
3 cloves of garlic is the easiest way to reduce blood pressure.

  7, potatoes, high blood pressure, the elderly usually have potatoes, potatoes have low content, low content, nutrient-rich characteristics, while having a variety of antioxidants.

A new study in the United States found that potatoes are an excellent source of food for trace elements potassium. Eating potatoes often helps to lower blood pressure.

Potatoes are cooked or baked best. These methods do not increase the amount or conversion, nor do they destroy the healthy nutrients in the potatoes.