Male health to eat these four types of food can be aphrodisiac

Male health to eat these four types of food can be aphrodisiac

Male health to eat these four types of food can be aphrodisiac

First, vitamin E: Vitamin E is considered to be a kind of vitamin. The food comes from malt oil, nuts, wheat, millet and asparagus.

Severe vitamin E will cause the penis to degenerate and shrink, and sex hormone excretion cuts and loses reproductive capacity.

Foods that often eat vitamin E can prevent and improve this condition. Usage: Take it once a day, one tablet at a time.

Second, seafood: some fish, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed food, conditional can choose to eat sea cucumber for nourishment, sea cucumber: can be kidney and essence, nourishing yin and impotence.

Cationic iodine, zinc and other trace elements.

Can participate in conditioning metabolism, lowering blood lipids.

Contains mucin and other polysaccharides for lipid-lowering and anticoagulation, promoting hematopoietic function, replacing old, nourishing skin, repairing arrangements, etc. Usage: Do the soup or fry the fried, the dose required for consumption.

Third, some animal kidneys: edible animal kidneys have the effect of tonifying kidney and essence, for example, pig liver, sheep waist and so on.

It is a concrete manifestation of the theory of “drinking dirty” by Chinese medicine.

Because it is rich in protein, traces of multivitamins and some rare trace elements, it is both nourishing and strong.

But when eating, make sure that the ingredients are clean and hygienic.

Fourth, amaranth: Chinese herbal medicine has a very bright name called “Aphrodisiac Grass”, which has good results for impotence. The leek contains a lot of zinc, has an aphrodisiac effect, and some people call the leek a “saline”.Indications of kidney yang weakness, waist and knees cold, yang.


Leakage, frequency of urination, etc.; spleen and stomach deficiency, phlegm and stomach, cold pain in the abdomen, diarrhea or constipation.

Modern research and exploration have proved that amaranth leaves contain sulfides, glycosides and bitter taste, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamins, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, edible or topical have a wide range of health benefits.

Usage: Usually it can be fried, or with egg stir fry, the taste is more abundant.

In the process of preventive maintenance, it is very useful to draw up some effective training and cooperation.