Simple five-power qigong health care method to help you reshape the fine features

Simple five-power qigong health care method to help you reshape the fine features

Simple five-power qigong health care method to help you reshape the fine features

Qigong Health Care is also a healthy health care method favored by many friends.
In fact, at the same time of physical health, our facial features also need health care. After all, everyone wants to have a correct face. The facial health care method is a good choice to lead you to reshape the five senses. The facial health care method is not difficult, compared with the physical Qigong health care method.It may be easier to stick to it. Everyone wants to have a refined five senses, so let the Wuguan Qigong Health Care Law help us.
  The five senses, the old two said.
One ear, eye, nose, mouth, heart, two ears, eyes, nose, mouth, body.
Usually refers to the facial organs, that is, the ear, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the tongue, and refers to the human heart as the heavenly king, the five senses are the five ministers of the heart, such as “Xunzi·天论”.
“Nei Jing·Lingshu·Five Readings and Five Envoys” said: “The nose, the official of the lungs; the target, the sputum: the official also; the lips, the spleen’s official; the tongue, the heart of the official; the earThe official of the kidney is also.
“The two arguments once again illustrate a common truth from different angles, that is, the human body is a unified whole. “There are all inside, and must be shaped: outside.
“The visceral disease can affect and reflect to the five senses, and the facial features can also be implicated and affect the internal organs.
Therefore, the health of the five senses cannot be said to be unimportant.
  First, the ear qigong health care ear is the auditory organ.
Chinese medicine believes that the function of the ear depends on the cultivation of essence, marrow, gas and blood, especially the tone of the kidney.
The ear disease is mostly related to the kidney.
Hand sun small intestine, foot sun bladder, hand Shaoyang Sanjiao, foot Shaoyang gallbladder, foot Yangming stomach and other meridians are followed by the ear.
The ear is closely related to the visceral meridian, so the auricle has the reaction points of the whole body and the limb, and the treatment of the ear disease requires the improvement of the whole body function.
In addition to the prevention and treatment of ear disease, ear work can also enhance the function of other organs.
Ear work is practiced in a very quiet and static qigong state, with a degree of legality.
  (一)龟咽健肾  思想先静下来,口微闭,以舌在上下牙列外徐徐搅动,待唾液满口后,使所吸之气下行归根(气海穴),在吸气时如忍The stool-like induction of true gas from the perineum to the tail 闾 夹 夹 夹 至 至 至 至 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,When swallowing, exhale deep and deep, and then relax the head and neck and the whole body, slightly smiling, and the real gas is taken down by the liquid to the dantian.
So swallowed 7 times in succession.
Practice has proved that this method is effective not only for kidney disease, but also for some patients with tinnitus.
  (2) Playing the slamming drum The two feet are opened in parallel and are shoulder width.
两手心掩耳,两膝微屈,做打躬状,低头过膝,两手交替以食、中及无  以两手小指缓缓插入两耳孔内,抬头仰面呼气,倾听耳内嗡嗡声,头Slightly low-cut chest, suddenly pull your fingers out.
Breathe slowly.
  Second, the qigong health of the nose The nose is the portal for breathing out, the lungs.
Therefore, nasal diseases are related to the lungs.
Nasal disease is related to the spleen and gallbladder.
The tip of the nose is also known as the head, nose or face king. The nose needle is here for the kidney and spleen. The left and right hands alternately use the palm of the hand to treat the nose and gently rotate counterclockwise for 10 times.

搓 梁 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用 用
揉 press Yingxiang Yingxiang points belong to the hand Yangyin large intestine, the nasal needle here is the large intestine, located in the nasolabial groove next to the nose.
Press the rib surface of the left and right index fingers at the same time and press each time 36 times.
Pressing this point while squatting helps to facilitate laxation.
  Third, oral qigong health care 1.
Solid teeth: that is, when the urine is large and small, the mouth is closed and the teeth are bitten.
  If this work is started, the youngsters will start practicing and develop a solid tooth habit when they insist on urination for a lifetime.
Middle-aged and elderly people also have the effect.
However, it should be noted that it is only done during urination or during exercise. At other times, the upper and lower teeth should be slightly separated from the gap to make the root membrane loose. The function of solid teeth and chewing can form a relaxation.It achieves the purpose of aligning the trabecular bone and improving the density of the ostium and alveolar bone, thereby strengthening the teeth.  2.The upper and lower teeth of the molars were gently tapped 36 times.

When it is not feasible, it is too hurried, and if it is too loud, it should be slowly and gently.

  A strong tooth, the principle is the same as the solid tooth.

Through the god of the molars, it is able to achieve a refreshing effect.

However, for people with high cusp type, the caries can produce the eccentric force of the occlusion. It is necessary to allow the dentist to adjust the sputum before practicing the caries.

  Fourth, the eye Qigong health eye is the human visual organ, the ancients called the eye.

  Eyesight is a set of eye health benefits based on Chinese medicine’s massage, massage, qigong, acupoints and other exercises.

This set of eye work is a combination of local and overall practice methods.

  Partial exercises include: Qigong acupuncture, massage, and massage techniques. Through these methods, local reactions such as heat, swelling, epidemic, and hemp can be enhanced to enhance the blood circulation of the eye, improve metabolic function, and improve the nutrition of nerves and eye muscles.Eye recovery eliminates fatigue and enhances visual function.

  The overall practice is: Qigong, such as closing eyes, imagining, looking far, spine and limbs twisting, picking up and so on.