Why do thin people eat fat?

Why do thin people eat fat?

Why do thin people eat fat?

Why do thin people eat fat?

One is that because the skin of the thin person is thinner, the body heat is easily lost. Therefore, the heat that needs to be generated in the body is balanced, so energy metabolism is consumed, and even if it is not eaten, it is not easy to gain weight.

  The second is caused by the lean body, that is, the body has completely completed the physiological state of this phenomenon.

The first is higher basal metabolism.

Basal metabolism refers to the energy budget that each person needs to maintain basic life activities, and the individual varies greatly.

The basal metabolism is high, and the energy consumed by the human body can also be used.

  The third is caused by some mental factors, excessive secretion of adrenaline, decomposition of sputum, especially by some kind of mental stress, more obvious, can make people lose weight in a short time.

  Some people eat too much and don’t gain weight. The biggest physiological characteristics are also weak in the rehabilitation system. The digestion and absorption can’t work normally. The food that is eaten is excreted in an indigestible form, causing the body to be in sub-health for a long time.The state is actually as morbid as obesity.

  Contrary to thin people, some people do not eat much, but will gain weight. This is due to the physiologically basic metabolic metabolism, which is slightly formed and vigorously formed.

Of course, it also includes strong digestion and absorption capacity, and weak excretion function.

The main reason, obesity is almost always caused by overeating.

  According to relevant surveys, obese people usually start eating less after the fact that they are obese. However, even after eating too much, it is difficult to eliminate obesity even if they eat less.

This is because our body will automatically balance the metabolism of matter in the body, and will run towards the track where accidents occur. Starting to adjust has been reduced to make the food more reasonable and unfortunate.

Therefore, if you do not fundamentally predict the change, you cannot afford too much.