More people in Guangdong are yang physique tonic

More people in Guangdong are yang physique tonic

More people in Guangdong are yang physique tonic

“A summer is sick and three points.”

Qin Jian, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, believes that “virtual supplement” is the basic method for treating all debilitating diseases.

However, those who are physically weak have yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and blood deficiency.

If the chaos is likely to be “nothing to make up”, that is, the physically weak can not withstand the severe tonic, there are various symptoms of discomfort.

Therefore, Qin Jian reminds everyone that when nourishing, we must pay attention to methods and methods, and we must not blindly tonic.

  ◆Damp-heat climate yang deficiency syndrome According to Qin Jian, the number of patients with yang deficiency syndrome (cold syndrome) in Chinese medicine is gradually increasing, which should be related to the wet and hot climate in Guangdong.

The so-called yang deficiency syndrome is characterized by being afraid of cold, not tolerating cold evil, and blowing air conditioners in summer is also easy to goose bumps.

Wetness is yin and evil, and it is easy to hurt yang, especially the spleen and stomach yang.

The so-called “yang deficiency is easy to get cold disease.”

  The summer is the most prosperous season of yang, which is a good opportunity for the human body to transfer from the natural world and supplement the yang. However, due to the spread of air-conditioning, coupled with inappropriate alternating herbal tea, it is one of the reasons for the gradual increase of chilling syndrome.

  In addition, Qin Jian also said that the abuse of antibiotics is also one of the important reasons for the more common yang deficiency syndrome, because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, antibiotics belong to the cold, and the abuse of antibiotics will hurt the body’s yang.

  ◆ Before the tonic, the drug identification Qin Jian said that according to the medicinal “four gas” (ie: Xin, acid, sweet, salty, bitter), for people with yang deficiency syndrome, warm food and drug adjustment can be used.

  Temperate, hot drugs, have the effect of eliminating yin and cold, warming yang, can treat a variety of negative and cold alternatives.

For example, dry ginger is warm, can treat stomach pain caused by cold stagnation, abdominal pain, diarrhea; aconite heat, can treat cold limbs caused by yang qi deficiency, cold sweat collapse, lower pus and clear water and other complications.

  There is a close relationship between the four gas and the five flavors. “The taste is sweet and the property is positive.”

The taste is bitter and salty, and the attribute is Yin.

After the beginning of autumn, people with yang deficiency syndrome can reduce the acid and acid.

Experts also said that drugs have different effects on different yang organs, such as ginseng and vital energy, spleen and lung; antler tonifying kidney, benefiting blood, strengthening bones, entering the liver, kidney;Relieve the mind and return to the heart.

  ◆ There are many ways to gradually correct the yang deficiency syndrome (cold syndrome) in a step-by-step manner. Qin Jian believes that it is not necessary to use cold herbal medicine or herbal tea to avoid wet evil to prevent yang, to use warm food, and to use antibiotics with caution.Very important”.

When conditioning with food, especially when it comes to supplements, there must be a certain strategy.

  Qin Jian believes that Wenyang supplements are taken in the morning, and Ziyin supplements are enjoyed at night.

Warm supplements have excitatory effects, and nourishing yin products have a calming effect; when nourishing, less use of single-flavored drugs, more use of compound, is conducive to absorption, and mutual enhancement of efficacy.

  The absorption of various organs in patients with physical deficiency, the transformation ability is weak, too fast, a lot of tonic will lead to the production of various resonances, such as fire, poor appetite, irritability and so on.

Therefore, when nourishing must start from a small dose, slow frequency, gradually increase the dose, strengthen the drug, increase the number of benefits.

For example, Korean ginseng began to take 1-3 grams, the use of velvet antler began from a few tablets, the first 2-4 days, after observation no adverse reactions can be gradually increased, taking appropriate intervals of taking time.

  Tip: Use “parameters” to regulate yang deficiency syndrome Generally speaking, people with yang deficiency syndrome can use ginseng to regulate, but each kind of ginseng is slightly different, and red ginseng is more suitable for yang deficiency.

  Red ginseng has great vitality, replenishing qi and activating blood, invigorating the spleen and replenishing the lungs, replenishing the vital energy, and replenishing the vital energy.

Qin Jian said that the best red ginseng is — side red ginseng; second good — ordinary red ginseng; good ——- all must be raw ginseng; general ———— raw ginseng; poor— Sugar ginseng.

  Suitable for the crowd: Red ginseng is suitable for the elderly, long-term illness and physical weakness, is the preferred supplement for Yin Shengyang.