[Danger of beer to the liver]_harm_impact

[Danger of beer to the liver]_harm_impact

[Danger of beer to the liver]_harm_impact

We all know the harmfulness of alcohol to the liver. Beer is low-alcohol, so in the eyes of many people, beer does not cause any harm to the liver. Many people even think that beer is a liquid bread, and it is good to drink more.

As everyone knows, there are extra people because they usually drink beer, but they suffer from alcoholic liver disease.

Especially people with poor liver have to ban drinking beer, otherwise they will worsen their illness.

First, is drinking beer harmful to the liver? Although the alcohol content in beer is replaced by liquor, but excessive low-alcohol residues can also consume too much alcohol and cause toxicity to the liver.

Some people think that drinking a little beer can promote blood circulation and stasis, which is good for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, but it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the amount. Many people are caused by unfortunate liver and other alcoholic liver diseases because they consume a lot of “low alcohol”happened.

Patients with liver disease may worsen their condition even if they drink beer, and they must absolutely abstain from drinking.

Second, the method of nourishing the liver 1.

Liver Protection Recipe 1: Drink more water and more water to replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation and promote metabolism. Drinking more water can promote glands, especially digestive glands and pancreatic juice, bile secretion, to facilitate digestion, absorption and elimination of wasteReduces liver damage from metabolites and toxins.


Protective Liver Secret Recipe 2: Protecting Liver with Traditional Chinese Medicine The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver cannot be replenished. The first supplement is to anger, the spleen, and the kidney to nourish the liver.

For people with spleen deficiency, take ginseng Jianpi pills, barley, yam, and rice porridge.

For people with kidney deficiency, you can take Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, wolfberry, stewed chicken with Gastrodia elata.

For people with severe liver fire, take Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill, and use chrysanthemum tea to protect the liver.


Liver Secret Recipe 3: Eat something before drinking

Drinking less alcohol naturally does less harm. If you must drink and want to take some precautionary measures, it is to try to eat more food to pad your belly. After the food, you can form a protective film on the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, which not only protects the stomach., Can also prevent some alcohol from entering the bloodstream and reduce drunkenness.


Liver Protection Recipe Four: To be in a cheerful mood, to have a strong liver, you must first learn to suppress anger. Even if you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes. Do your best to be calm, optimistic, cheerful, and carefree, so that the liver fire is extinguished and the liver gas is normal.Tune.

If you violate this natural law, you will hurt your liver.

Therefore, keeping your mood cheerful can protect your liver.

Five recipes for protecting the liver: Pay attention to a balanced diet. Keep a balanced diet. Proportion of protein, impurities, vitamins, minerals, etc. in the food should be maintained at the same time. At the same time, the taste should be balanced, and spicy dishes should be eaten as little as possible.

A reasonable diet and balanced nutrition are also beneficial to protect the liver and avoid liver damage caused by excessive drinking.